Destination: Lake Havasu, AZ

Welcome to our destination photographer guide, where we take you on a visual journey through the beautiful landscapes of Lake Havasu City. Deep in the heart of Arizona, this destination is a haven for photographers seeking amazing backdrops and unique compositions. Join us as we mention the most captivating photographic locations that Lake Havasu City has to offer.


  1. London Bridge: Our first stop is the legendary London Bridge, this cool bridges the gap between history and stunning visuals. Capture the bridge’s presence, framing it against the sparkling waters of Lake Havasu or incorporating the surrounding desert landscape. As the light changes throughout the day, discover new perspectives that highlight the bridge’s timeless charm. We absolutely loved dining with such a gorgeous view. We highly recommend Shugrue’s!
  2. Bridgewater Channel: Head to the lively Bridgewater Channel, where you’ll find a tapestry of boats, shops, and waterfront attractions. This location offers endless opportunities for captivating street and lifestyle photography. Capture the colors, activities, and the joyful spirit of people enjoying the lakeside atmosphere. The Bridgewater Channel is a photographer’s playground.
  3. Lake Havasu State Park: For nature enthusiasts and landscape photographers, Lake Havasu State Park is a true paradise. Explore the beaches, coves, and stunning vistas that offer breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains. From sunrise to sunset, this natural oasis provides an ever-changing view for capturing the beauty of Lake Havasu City.
  4. Desert Wilderness: Travel into the nearby desert wilderness and discover hidden gems for your eyes. Explore scenic trails, dramatic rock formations, and the play of light and shadow across the arid landscape. From stunning sunsets to plants and animals, the desert offers a variety of possibilities for photographers seeking solitude and natural beauty.
  5. Local Businesses: My absolute favorite place in Lake Havasu City is SodaTherapy! I spent many afternoons cooling off with a delicious, refreshing, beverage! I also really enjoyed the casino fun at the Win Win without having to drive to Vegas.. even though it was only 2 short hours away.

Lake Havasu City is a photographer’s paradise, offering iconic landmarks, urban scenes, and natural beauty. From the London Bridge to the Bridgewater Channel, the Lake Havasu State Park, and the desert wilderness, the city offers photographic opportunities waiting to be explored. Grab your camera and dive into all that Lake Havasu City has to offer, capturing moments that will be cherished for years to come.

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