Horses, sluggers, and cardinals, oh my!

My time in Louisville has been nothing short of sweet.

I have made a community of friends and connections all thanks to Facebook!

Special shoutout to Louisville Women Connect.

I have had the opportunity to catch the magic of headshots, gender reveals, couples, mommy and me, and even a wedding here!

The food here isn’t half bad either! It’s not Charleston or New Orleans, but it is pretty good!

I was also hoping to catch the derby but we arrived a little too late. I love being in a city where they have such pride in their traditions and activities. Louisville comes to life during Derby!

I look forward to the next place as I continue my journey as a: Traveling Photographer

Gender reveal big four carolina waldroff
Lou food review carolina waldroff
Traci and Michael Carolina Waldroff cemetery
Breeona carolina waldroff big four